MCADE: The Year’s Best Investment to Avoid the Cryptocurrency Crash

• The great cryptocurrency crash of 2022 was a result of the FTX collapse.
• Metacade (MCADE) is a new project that reflects the level of innovation in the space.
• MCADE could be the year’s best investment, as it has the potential to avoid the pitfalls of the great cryptocurrency crash.

The great cryptocurrency crash of 2022 has been one of the most catastrophic events to ever take place in the world of cryptocurrency. The crash was sparked by a major collapse at the world’s second largest centralized exchange, FTX. This led to an unprecedented drop in prices across the entire cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin (BTC) losing over 75% of its value and altcoins such as Axie Infinity (AXS), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Avalanche (AVAX) suffering losses of up to 90%.

The collapse of FTX was largely due to the mismanagement of treasury funds by its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), and the subsequent embezzlement of user funds by Alameda Research, which was a hedge fund owned by SBF. This caused a domino effect in the market, leading to a further drop in prices and the eventual bankruptcy of FTX.

In spite of this, the Web3 space continues to grow, and the development of new projects such as Metacade (MCADE) reflects the level of innovation that can be found in the space. MCADE is a platform that enables users to play, build, and connect with games, applications, and other users.

Since its launch, MCADE has seen great success, with its team of developers working to improve the platform and increase its user base. The MCADE token has also seen a significant increase in value, making it a highly attractive investment for those looking to avoid the pitfalls of the great cryptocurrency crash.

The team behind MCADE is committed to providing users with a secure and reliable platform. The team has implemented a variety of security measures to protect user funds, as well as a decentralized governance system that allows token holders to vote on platform decisions.

In addition to its security features, MCADE also offers users a range of gaming and application features. The platform allows users to create their own games and applications, as well as connect with other users and developers. This makes it an ideal platform for developers to create and share their projects with the world.

Overall, MCADE is a highly promising project that could be the year’s best investment. With its innovative platform, advanced security measures, and decentralized governance system, MCADE has the potential to continue to rise in value and avoid the pitfalls of the great cryptocurrency crash.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) Surges 16%, Attributed to Recent Development Update

• Enjin Coin (ENJ) has gained 15.70% in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at about $0.4265.
• ENJ is today’s top gainer in the crypto market and has made headlines due to its 16% surge.
• The recent development update to the Enjin platform is believed to be the cause of today’s price surge.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is making headlines today after it shot up by an impressive 16 percent, making it the best crypto gainer of the day according to data from CoinMarketCap. At press time, the token was trading at about $0.4265, representing a 15.70 percent increase in the past 24 hours. The second largest gainer today is KAVA which has gained 10.14% while the third is Hedera (HBAR) which has gained 9.50%, adding to its 41% rise in the past two weeks.

The recent surge in Enjin Coin’s price has pushed the token for a 51% growth over the past seven days, a feat that is rarely seen in the crypto space. This huge price increase has been a surprise for many crypto traders and investors, so what is the cause of this sudden price surge?

Enjin Coin is powered by the Enjin Network, a blockchain-based platform that allows game developers to tokenize in-game items on the Ethereum blockchain. While the protocol’s influence among developers has been growing since its inception, the recent development update to the platform appears to have energized ENJ buyers as they anticipate the Enjin ecosystem to witness extensive growth in the coming months.

The development update includes the launch of Enjin Beam, a new feature that allows users to claim, store, and transfer virtual items using QR codes. In addition, the update brings several improvements to the platform, such as a new virtual item store, a new smart contract system, and an improved user interface.

The recent development update to the Enjin platform is believed to be the cause of today’s price surge. With its innovative features, Enjin Network provides developers with an easy-to-use platform for creating tokenized game assets and allows players to own and trade virtual items in a secure and decentralized manner.

The surge in price also coincides with a bullish market sentiment that is driving the entire crypto market higher. With more and more institutions and investors entering the crypto space, the demand for digital assets is increasing and this is likely to bode well for Enjin Coin in the coming weeks.

All in all, the recent development update to the Enjin Network has energized the ENJ market and the token’s price is expected to continue rising in the near future. With its innovative features, Enjin Network provides developers with an easy-to-use platform for creating tokenized game assets and allows players to own and trade virtual items in a secure and decentralized manner. This could be the beginning of an exciting new era for the Enjin Network, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the platform.

Ethereum Hits Two-Month High, Short Traders Lose $200M in Liquidations

• Crypto short traders lost $200 million in liquidations as Ether hit a two-month high.
• Ether-tracked futures saw liquidations worth about $110 million in both long and short positions.
• Ethereum’s bullish trend is further projected to gain momentum ahead of the scheduled March Shanghai upgrade.

The cryptocurrency market capitalization has seen a surge of about 3.18% in the past 24 hours. This is largely due to the bullish performance of Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency, which has hit a two-month high trading at around $1400. Despite the cautious tone in the US stock market, Ethereum (ETH) is showing strong signs of a recovery in the crypto market.

The strong performance of Ethereum (ETH) has caught many crypto traders off-guard who had bet on a market decline. This has resulted in about $200 million worth of short trades against price rises being liquidated in the past 24 hours. Additionally, an estimated $150 million worth of short trades were also liquidated earlier this week as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) broke past key resistance levels according to data from CoinGlass.

Other major altcoins like XRP and Solana have also registered gains of around 20%. Ether-tracked futures have also seen liquidations worth about $110 million in long and short positions. Bitcoin has seen liquidations worth about $77 million, while AVAX and GALA saw $4.5 million in liquidations.

Ethereum’s bullish trend is further projected to gain momentum ahead of the scheduled March Shanghai upgrade. This upgrade is designed to de-risk staking by allowing users to stake their coins in a more secure environment. Additionally, the upgrade will also reduce transaction fees, allowing users to save on gas costs.

The strong performance of Ethereum is an encouraging sign for the crypto market and could signal the start of a broader recovery in the market. The crypto market has proved to be resilient in the face of a cautious US stock market and the liquidations of short trades could be a sign of further gains in the coming weeks.

Cryptocurrency Market Edgy in First Week of 2023; TRX, VIDT, and HT at Risk

• Cryptocurrencies remained on edge in the first week of 2023 with Bitcoin, Ethereum and the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies below $17,000, $1,200 and $900 billion respectively.
• Tron, VIDT, and Huobi Token are trending coins and are likely to dive during the weekend due to the hawkish Fed minutes leading to more concerns about the industry.
• TRX price crashed hard as concerns of its exposure to Huobi continued. The outlook of TRX during the weekend is bearish, with the next key support level to watch being at $0.04.

The cryptocurrency industry has been on edge in the first week of the year. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies have all remained below $17,000, $1,200, and $900 billion respectively. This has led to concerns amongst traders and investors in the industry.

Tron, VIDT, and Huobi Token are three of the top trending coins in the industry. Tron is a second-generation blockchain project that was started by Justin Sun. It is a blockchain operating system that handles billions of transactions on a daily basis and is associated with other blockchain projects like Sun, JustLend, and JustStables. TRX price has crashed hard due to concerns of its exposure to Huobi, with worries that the exchange could go out of business. As a result, Tron has dropped to the lowest level since November 23, and has moved below all moving averages while oscillators like the MACD and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) have drifted downwards. Therefore, the outlook of TRX during the weekend is bearish, with the next key support level to watch being at $0.04.

VIDT is a blockchain-based platform that is powered by its VIDT token. It is a smart contract platform that is used to securely store and transfer digital assets. VIDT has seen a slight increase in its price over the past few days, but it is unclear if the momentum will sustain in the face of the hawkish Fed minutes. Therefore, traders should be cautious when trading the token during the weekend.

Huobi Token is the native token of the Huobi Global exchange. HT has seen a significant increase in its price since the start of 2021, but has recently been pulled back due to concerns of the exchange going out of business. Therefore, traders should be aware of the risks associated with trading HT during the weekend.

Overall, the cryptocurrency industry remains on edge in the first week of the year, with Tron, VIDT, and Huobi Token likely to dive during the weekend due to the hawkish Fed minutes leading to more concerns about the industry. Therefore, traders should exercise caution when trading these tokens during the weekend.

Huobi Exchange Facing Uncertain Future: Layoffs, Salary Changes, and Customer Withdrawals

• Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange, is facing reports of layoffs and requests for employees to receive their salaries in stablecoins.
• Customers are pulling their funds from the exchange, while volume is down 23%.
• Investors should be wary of the exchange and withdraw their funds until the situation is resolved.

Huobi, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, is facing a turbulent period due to reports of layoffs, requests for employees to take their salaries in stablecoins, and customers withdrawing their funds.

The news of the layoffs was first announced by Justin Sun, the founder of cryptocurrency Tron and a member of Huobi’s board. According to Sun, the exchange is planning to lay off around 20% of its workforce. Following this announcement, reports began to emerge that employees were receiving their salaries in stablecoins, and internal communication channels were shut in order to quell discontent.

In addition to the layoffs and salary changes, customers of the exchange have been pulling their funds from Huobi due to their concerns about the security of their investments. The exchange has seen a 23% drop in volume since the news broke. Furthermore, Huobi’s native token, Huobi Token (HT), has fallen 10%, which is a worrying sign for its investors.

Huobi was already facing criticism in the past due to reports that it relies heavily on its native token to denominate its reserves. Now, with the layoffs, salary changes and customers withdrawing their funds, investors should be wary of the exchange and withdraw their funds until the situation is resolved.

The events of the past year have shown that the crypto industry is prone to scams and security breaches, and investors should take the necessary steps to protect their investments. While there is no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing at Huobi, investors would be wise to be cautious and withdraw their funds until the dust settles.

Overall, Huobi is facing an uncertain future as reports of layoffs, salary changes, and customer withdrawals start to circulate. While there is no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing, investors should take the necessary steps to protect their investments and withdraw their funds until the situation is resolved.

Coinbase Shares Downgraded, Price Target Slashed by 50%, Despite Security Record

• Cowen downgraded Coinbase shares from outperform to market perform due to the lack of clarity on a possible trading volume recovery after FTX collapsed
• Cowen also reduced its price target on the shares from $75 to $36, almost 50%
• Experts believe Coinbase has an excellent security record and is one of the safest platforms to trade, buy, and sell crypto

Financial services and investment firm Cowen recently downgraded the shares of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase from outperform to market perform. This comes after Cowen cited the absence of clarity on a possible trading volume recovery following the collapse of competing crypto exchange FTX. In addition, Cowen reduced its price target on the shares from $75 to $36, almost 50%.

The premarket session saw the stock dropping to $37.14, a 1.5% drop. This is not the first time Coinbase shares have seen a significant downward trend, with an 84% drop in the stock prices last year.

The future of Coinbase remains uncertain, however, the company is considered to be one of the safest platforms to trade, buy and sell crypto. This is due to its excellent security record and a number of features that make it a secure option. The collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s exchange has sent shock waves throughout the industry, with watchdogs like the US Securities and Exchange Commission likely to increase their scrutiny of the crypto market.

Furthermore, lowered crypto valuations will likely lead to lower retail trade volumes. However, despite this, Coinbase is still considered to be a viable option for crypto enthusiasts. As such, Cowen’s decision to downgrade the shares will likely have minimal impact on the platform’s future success.

Football Manager 2015 Kostenloses Volles Pc Spiel Zum Herunterladen


Football Manager 2015, auch bekannt als FM15, ist eine Fußball-Simulation Videospiel entwickelt von Sports Interactive und veröffentlicht in Sega. FM15 hat ein ähnliches Gameplay wie die Football Manager-Serie. Als Teammanager ist man für eine professionelle Fußballmannschaft verantwortlich. Der Spieler kann Spieler unter Vertrag nehmen, die Finanzen des Vereins verwalten und mit den Spielern sprechen. FM15 simuliert das Management in der realen Welt. Der KI-Vorstand und die Eigentümer des Vereins werden den Spieler anhand verschiedener Faktoren bewerten. Es ist das erste Franchise-Spiel, das eine Twitch-Integration bietet, so dass die Spieler ihre Spiele online streamen können. Die Spiel-Engine wurde komplett überarbeitet, mit 2000 neuen Animationen, verbesserter Ballphysik und besseren Schüssen. Auch ein neues Beleuchtungsmodell wurde dem Spiel hinzugefügt. Die Benutzeroberfläche von FM15 wurde komplett neu gestaltet. Eine neue Seitenleiste wurde eingeführt, um Football Manager 2015 ein frisches Aussehen zu verleihen.

Football Manager 2015 Systemanforderungen


Betriebssystem: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Prozessor: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core, AMD Athlon
Grafikkarten: NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, ATI Radeon 9800, Intel GMA X3100 – 128MB VRAM
Speicherplatz: 3 GB

So laden Sie Football Manager 2015 herunter und installieren es

Klicken Sie auf die Download-Schaltfläche unten.
Wählen Sie einen Mirror, um Ihren Download abzuschließen. Wenn Sie einen Torrent-Download verwenden, müssen Sie zunächst uTorrent herunterladen.
Sobald der Download von Football Manager 2015 abgeschlossen ist, entpacken Sie die Datei mit einer Software wie WinRAR.
Führen Sie das Spiel-Setup im extrahierten Ordner aus und installieren Sie das Spiel.
Sobald die Installation abgeschlossen ist, kannst du das Spiel über die Verknüpfung auf deinem Desktop starten.
Viel Spaß mit dem Spiel!

Versteckte Batterie und Flaschenbatterie E-Bike für die Straße

Versteckte Batterie und Flaschenbatterie Elektro-Rennrad

Leichte und schnell fahrende Elektro-Rennräder sind der Favorit von Pendlern und Freizeitreisenden. Weil das superleichte Gewicht des Elektro-Rennrads es erlaubt, von jedem, jederzeit und überall mitgenommen zu werden. Warum mögen die Leute Elektro-Rennräder? Ich habe gerade gesagt, es kann uns fähig, stabil, schnell, und so viel Spaß zu nehmen. In Straße Elektrofahrrad Markt, können wir versteckte Batterie Straße Elektrofahrrad an überall zu finden. Manchmal findet man auch ein oder zwei, die auf der Straße mit einem Elektrofahrrad mit Flaschenbatterie fahren. Lassen Sie uns über das Shuangye A6-R Elektro-Rennrad mit versteckter Batterie und das Fahrrad mit Flaschenbatterie sprechen. Welches ist beliebter?

Eigentlich gibt es zwei Hauptunterschiede zwischen diesen beiden Fahrrädern. Das eine ist das Aussehen der Elektro-Rennräder und das andere ist das Gewicht der Fahrräder. Vor allem die Form des Akkus hat einen großen Einfluss auf das Aussehen des Fahrrads. Ein elektrisches Straßenfahrrad hat die Batterie im Unterrohr des Rahmens versteckt und ein anderes elektrisches Straßenfahrrad hat die Flaschenbatterie auf dem Unterrohr des Fahrradrahmens montiert.

Aber nur Flaschenbatterie Unterstützung abnehmbar und nahm an anderer Stelle zu laden. Auch die versteckte Batterie kann nicht entfernen Batterie zu laden, das Gewicht des Fahrrads kann mit Ihrem Problem umzugehen. Im Vergleich mit Flaschenbatterie Straße Elektrofahrrad, versteckte Batterie Straße Elektrofahrrad leichter als es wegen des Gewichts der Batterie und Motor. So können Sie die versteckte Batterie Straße Elektrofahrrad in der Nähe des Haushalts Steckdose aufladen zu bewegen, können Sie es leicht ohne Schweiß zu bewegen.

Kombinieren Sie mit Batterie und Motor

Beide von ihnen Batterie angenommen 24V/36V 10.4AH Lithium-Ionen-Akku, kann es bis zu 40km mit E-Bike-Modus und 60km mit Tretunterstützung Modus auf einer einzigen Ladung zu reisen. Und versteckte Batterie und Flasche Batterie Straße Elektrofahrrad mit 24V/36V 250W hinteren bürstenlosen Getriebenabenmotor ausgestattet, die einen Schub bis zu 25km/h geben, aber Flasche Batterie Fahrrad haben eine weitere Wahl, dass es 350W Motor unterstützen kann. Kombinieren Sie mit Batterie und Motor unterstützen Sie Radfahren einfach, was Sie in den Straßen oder Radrennen pendeln. Elektrofahrrad oft neigen dazu, im täglichen Leben der Menschen verwenden, um ihnen zu helfen, mehr Zeit und Energie zu sparen.

Eine Sache ist auch wichtig, in der Straße elektrische Fahrrad, das digitale Display-System ist. Es würde Ihnen helfen, wissen die Straße Elektrofahrrad „s Echtzeit-Informationen. Für Benutzer wissen, ihre Fahrrad klar, Shuangye Straße elektrische Fahrräder verfügt über ein LCD-Display in der Mitte des Lenkers. Diese Anzeige informiert Sie über den Unterstützungsgrad, die zurückgelegte Strecke, die Echtzeit-Geschwindigkeit, die aktuelle Betriebstemperatur des Motors, die verbleibende Batteriekapazität, das Frontlicht, die Fehleranzeige und so weiter.

Shuangye Straße elektrische Fahrräder verwendet dauerhafte 6061 Aluminium-Legierung als Fahrradrahmen und Vordergabel. gibt es zwei Schnellspanner für Fahrrad Teil, eine für Sattelstütze und andere für Vorderrad. Jedes Fahrrad verfügt über eine rostfreie Kette, einen bequemen Sattel, eine SHIMANO 7/21/27-Gang-Kettenschaltung und ein 1:1-Pedal-Assistenzsystem sowie eine kleine 3W-LED-Frontleuchte mit USB-Ladeanschluss für Mobiltelefone für Fahrten bei Nacht. Alle Shuangye Elektro-Rennräder verwenden Standard-Laufradgröße – 700*25C.

Wstępna zdecentralizowana oferta wymiany OCC kończy się pomyślnie

Stowarzyszenie Occam ma przyjemność ogłosić, że pierwsza zdecentralizowana oferta wymiany tokena OCC została pomyślnie zakończona. Wysoce nadsubskrybowana oferta, pierwsza tego rodzaju, która została uruchomiona za pośrednictwem platformy startowej OccamRazer dla ekosystemu Cardano, z powodzeniem była świadkiem sprzedaży 200 000 tokenów OCC w błyskawicznej rundzie IDO. Prawie 100 000 użytkowników odwiedziło witrynę IDO, a nadsubskrypcja tokenów zajęła zaledwie 30 sekund.

Zespół Stowarzyszenia Occam dziękuje wszystkim, którzy uczestniczyli w IDO i umożliwili podwyżkę, a także wyraża wdzięczność wczesnym zwolennikom projektu. Społeczność, licząca obecnie ponad 20 000 osób na kanałach społecznościowych po zaledwie kilku krótkich tygodniach, odegrała i nadal odgrywa kluczową rolę w uczynieniu OCC IDO i platformy OccamRazer spektakularnym sukcesem.

Darren Camas , pierwszy doradca ekosystemu Cardano i partner strategiczny, powiedział:

„Nie można pominąć faktu, że to, co osiągnęło, jest w zasadzie pierwszym wydarzeniem startowym dla ekosystemu Cardano. OCC IDO firmy i czas, w którym została zakończona, świadczą o tym, jak duża i zaangażowana jest społeczność Cardano. Jestem pewien, że mówię w imieniu całego zespołu i szerszej społeczności, kiedy mówię, że możliwości startera DeFi były od dawna oczekiwane w ekosystemie Cardano, a teraz w końcu dotarły przez OccamRazer. ”

Platforma OccamRazer to pierwsza zdecentralizowana platforma startowa dla ekosystemu Cardano, zaprojektowana do obsługi najbardziej innowacyjnych i ekscytujących zdecentralizowanych aplikacji i projektów DeFi, które chcą pozyskać znaczny kapitał. Zespół pilnie pracował za kulisami, aby dostarczyć w pełni działającą platformę i ekosystem dla społeczności Cardano w kluczowym momencie w planie rozwoju łańcucha blokowego Cardano.

Wang Xi, partner w Bixin Ventures , pogratulował udanej sprzedaży, mówiąc:

„Wiedzieliśmy, że może stać się przełomową siłą dla innowacji i rozwoju w ekosystemie łańcucha bloków Cardano. Pomyślne zakończenie OCC IDO za pośrednictwem własnej platformy stanowi dowód, że OccamRazer jest gotowy do wprowadzenia na rynek i do obsługi innych IDO. ”

Stowarzyszenie Occam skupiło się teraz na rozszerzeniu swoich pierwszych na rynku możliwości startera na inne projekty oparte na Cardano, zwłaszcza te, które potwierdziły swoją koncepcję za pośrednictwem Project Catalyst i obecnie poszukują funduszy na rozwój.

Mark Berger, prezes Stowarzyszenia Occam, powiedział:

„To ważny moment dla ekosystemu Podczas jednego jednoczesnego uruchomienia obaj udowodniliśmy możliwości naszej platformy OccamRazer w zakresie hostowania IDO oraz zapewniliśmy uczciwy i przejrzysty sposób oferowania tokena OCC naszej społeczności. Jestem pod wrażeniem reakcji naszych partnerów strategicznych i społeczności. Z niecierpliwością czekamy na hosting innych start-upów blockchain, które chcą przeprowadzić podobne udane podwyżki za pośrednictwem OccamRazer. ”

Bitcoin price over $60,000 and what to watch out for now

Bitcoin Price Analysis – BTC Coin on Candle Chart Figure Showing Bitcoin Price

Welcome to our CryptoMonday weekly review of week 10. As usual, there was a lot worth mentioning to report this week and so it comes as no surprise that we can once again come up with a whole range of interesting news.

Our topics this week revolved around the Bitcoin price and how the current price increase of BTC was already announced at the beginning of the week, the glimmer of hope for Ethereum on the horizon and the Crypto Revolt review prospect of a 100-fold scaling solution, the next wave of problems for Ripple and the exciting question of whether 0.01 BTC is already enough to be among the richest 15% in the world in 10 years.

And of course, that was far from all! Due to the fact that the Bitcoin price is currently trading at new highs, we have prepared a dewy analysis for you, in which we explain what to watch out for in all the euphoria.

Bitcoin price cracks its all-time high again

Before we jump into the weekly review, let’s first address the fact that the Bitcoin price is currently trading at new highs of around $60,700. Yesterday evening, the price of BTC even reached a new all-time high of around $61,800. Has the important hurdle of $60,000 been cleared and is the way to the top clear?
Bitcoin price forecast, BTC price, Bitcoin forecast
Source: Tradingview

Well, as joyous as this event is, the coming days and weeks should still be taken with a grain of salt. Primarily for 3 reasons, which we will get to shortly here.

1. the bitcoin price rises but the volume falls

A big warning signal is always a rising price in an uptrend, which however increasingly loses volume. In fact, during an uptrend, you want to see clearly recognisable rising volume, or at least consistently high volume. Similar to what was seen with BTC in mid-December to mid-January. Since then, the Bitcoin price has always climbed to new heights, but with less and less volume. To illustrate the whole thing, you could also say that the BTC bull is slowly but surely running out of steam.

2. larger price actions at the weekend tend to form gaps

As we all know, the crypto market trades 24/7. But of course this is not the case everywhere. The exchange is still closed over the weekend and bitcoin CME futures, for example, are not traded over the weekend. However, if there are major price deviations on Saturdays and Sundays, then so-called gaps can form on the futures market. This is exactly the kind of gap we are facing right now.

The closing price on Friday was $57,070. So at the current Bitcoin price of just under $60,700, a $3,630 price gap would open up on Monday. If the Bitcoin price continues to rise, it will logically be larger; if it falls, it will be smaller or not occur at all.

Why would a price gap be interesting at all?

Price gaps have the tendency to close again. This is not necessarily the case, but usually when gaps occur, the price returns to that level sooner or again to close the gap. The last time such a gap formed was at the end of 2020. It has not been closed to date. However, that does not mean that it will not close. The Telegram channel of Bitcoin-Bude says in this regard:

The last time a major price gap formed was between 24 and 28 December 2020, between approximately $23,510 and $26,680. This has not been closed to date. But as I said, this does not mean that it could not still close. In fact, the average closing time of such continuation gaps in an upward trend is 2.5 months.